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POTUS Tour 2016!

Update: We may still run!

Polkanauts are back full force for the election season 2016! We had been playing a reduced schedule for a while due to things like marriages, babies, life, gig shuffling, competitive ice fishing, etc.. - and we survived! We still managed to play some great gigs like our first time at Tulsa Oktoberfest. (Read more below).


This year promises returns to major festivals like Denver, Nashville, Tulsa and others. Our Colorado Mtn tour will also happen at select locations like Breckenridge, and we plan to pick up a lot more stellar local gigs for our fans at places like Lowrey Beer Garden.

AND we are exploring putting together a special event, with some nationally known friends.

Highlights last year

Despite the time off, we managed to play some cool gigs like:

Tulsa Oktoberfest - One of the top Oktoberfests in the US. It was great to see our friends Brave Combo again, and finally meet the legendary Chardon Polka Band! We instantly bonded with those crazies. You may remember them from their reality show on the Polka life.

Check out more details on these bands and more HERE.

Stay tuned for our new schedule, re-entering the atmosphere soon.

“Here comes the mighty Polkanauts. .... these guys have to be seen live to be believed – they are that dope. Heavy metal polka, yet still traditional enough to play all the old favorites (“Roll out the Barrel,” “Milwaukee Polka,” “In Heaven there is No Beer” and many more), they also cover Black Sabbath, Slayer,.. and Enuff Z’ Nuff. Donning their blaze orange jumpsuits, they look like they are about to board the space shuttle; instead they embark upon a cross genre journey between Metal/ Rock/Pop and Polka. Spread the word. ”

We have 2 Accordion Players in our stable now!

More than most states in the west....